Wolfgang & The Coffey Brothers def. Mark Andrew, Flash Morgan Webster and Ashton Smith

Mark Andrews, Flash Morgan Webster & Ashton Smith vs. Wolfgang & The Coffey Brothers: NXT UK, Nov. 7, 2018

Following the dangerous unification of Wolfgang and The Coffey Brothers, the daunting trio from Scotland takes on their ongoing prey Mark Andrews, Flash Morgan Webster and Ashton Smith.

After Wolfgang and The Coffey Brothers formed a dangerous unification, their recent prey – the daunting Scottish trio of Mark Andrews, Flash Morgan Webster and Ashton Smith – looked for retribution in a Six-Man Tag Team Match.

Webster started the bout against Wolfgang, with the latter stopping The Modfather’s unique brand of offense with a single devastating forearm. From there, Andrews tagged in and soon suffering the wrath of an aggressive Joe Coffey. Mark Coffey added to that assault before the quick-thinking Andrews escaped and tagged in the explosive Smith. Smith took Mark Coffey off his feet with a high-impact clothesline, but it wasn’t long before all six competitors nearly came to blows in the ring.

Once all was clear, Smith continued to take the action to his opponent until he was drilled by Mark Coffey in the center of the ring. Joe then reentered the mix and started to unleash a fierce assault on Smith, spinning him around repeatedly before blasting him with a modified suplex. The guile Smith managed to leap over the remerging Wolfgang and tag Andrews back into the mix, who took down his howling opponent with the hurricanrana. Wolfgang, however, used a distraction from Mark Coffey to throw Andrews outside the ring and into the waiting attack of Joe Coffey, as Webster and Smith’s outrage was drawing the attention of the referee.

The Coffey’s then proceeded to punish Andrews back in the ring, but hope returned when Andrews suddenly fired back and took down Mark Coffey with the Stundog Millionaire out of nowhere and made the tag to Flash Morgan Webster. The Modfather went on the charge, taking the fight to all three of his opponents before tagging in Smith to help go to work on Mark Coffey. Still, another distraction by the opposition allowed Wolfgang to drop Smith, and the tandem offense of the Scottish foes continued until Smith escaped and tagged in Andrews before leveling Mark with a superkick. Joe took out Smith and managed to tag in Wolfgang, who Andrews planted quickly with the DDT.

Smith and Andrews went on to take out both Coffey Brothers through the ropes and out to the ringside floor. With bodies everywhere, Wolfgang delivered a crashing clothesline to Webster back in the ring. Sending Wolfgang through the ropes with a reversal, Webster flew off the top rope with a Cannonball Senton that took out the entire field. Back in the ring, Webster tried to finish the bout, but The Coffey Brothers knocked both his partners off the ring apron right before he could tag them, Wolfgang tattooed him with a devastating Spear. Joe then hit All the Best for the Bells for the win.

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