Rhea Ripley def Xia Brookside – NXT UK Women’s Championship Tournament Quarterfinal Match

Xia Brookside vs. Rhea Ripley - NXT UK Women's Championship Tournament Quarterfinal Match: NXT UK, Nov. 21, 2018

Ultra-aggressive Rhea Ripley battles the feisty Xia Brookside in a Quarterfinal Match for the right to advance to the UK Women's Championship Tournament Semifinals.

BIRMINGHAM - In the third NXT UK Women’s Championship Tournament Quarterfinal Match, feisty Xia Brookside (daughter of British Legend Robbie Brookside) squared off against the imposing Rhea Ripley.

Denying Brookside’s attempt at good sportsmanship with a shove to the face, Ripley matched her opponent’s quick and elusive style with incredible strength and size, blocking a hurricanrana attempt with an earth-shattering buckle bomb into the turnbuckle. The Mosh Pit Kid proved relentless throughout, showing immense strength with a devastating standing vertical delayed suplex, executing kicks that showed her experienced football background and locking her opponent in her excruciating version of a cloverleaf using her arms.

Brookside countered the painful maneuver and hurled Ripley into the turnbuckle face-first, igniting an explosive counterattack that included a fierce bulldog and head scissor takedown. When she tried to attack off the top rope, however Ripley caught her in mid-air and planted her in the center of the ring with the Riptide for the victory.

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