Zack Gibson def. Trent Seven

Trent Seven vs. Zack Gibson: NXT UK, Nov. 14, 2018

After Zack Gibson instigated a verbal altercation with Trent Seven last week by claiming that the rest of the NXT UK Superstars were merely "average," Seven goes one-on-one with Liverpool's No. 1 in NXT UK's main event.

After instigating a verbal altercation with Trent Seven by claiming the rest of the NXT UK Superstars were simply “average,” Zack Gibson went one-on-one with Liverpool’s No. 1 in NXT UK’s main event.

Gibson opted to retreat from the powerful chops of his opponent in the early goings, but Tyler Bate emerged to block his exit, opening the door for Seven to continue his onslaught inside and outside the ring. Gibson reclaimed the advantage with a double chop to the throat, which allowed him to go to work on the left elbow and shoulder with a strategic series of painful maneuvers.

Seven absorbed Gibson’s attack and returned fire with a new round of fierce chops. He then absorbed Gibson’s enzuigiri before delivering a right-hand slap that knocked his opponent out of the ring and to the ringside floor, quickly leaping through the ropes after him. 

Back in the ring, Seven hit a snapdragon suplex and a powerbomb, which set up the single-leg crab on Gibson, but Gibson clawed his way to the ropes. He regained the advantage momentarily before the resilient Seven fired back, setting the stage for an intense back-and-forth between the two competitors. Gibson leveled his nemesis with the Ticket-to-Ride, but the never-say-die Seven kicked out of his pin attempt. Then, Gibson locked in the Shankly Gates, which nearly caused Seven to tap, but he fought though the agonizing pain to reach the ropes.

In a moment of frustration, Gibson put his boot on the nearby Bate, bringing the former WWE U.K Champion up on the apron. Seven used this distraction to hit the Seven Stars Lariat on Gibson for the near-fall.

As the action continued in the ring, James Drake suddenly emerged to hurl Bate into the steel ring steps. And moments later, when Seven was trying to perhaps turn Gibson for the single-leg crab, Gibson countered with the small package. As he did, Drake reached out his hand and gave Gibson extra leverage that allowed Liverpool’s No. 1 to pick up the controversial victory.  

And as the victor and his devious cohort were making their way to the backstage area, Wolfgang and The Coffey Brothers suddenly attacked Moustache Mountain from behind and unleashed an all-out slaughter on the former NXT Tag Team Champions.


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