Zack Gibson  def. Noam Dar

Zack Gibson vs. Noam Dar: WWE NXT UK, Oct. 31, 2018

The Scottish Supernova battles Zack Gibson after Liverpool's No. 1 called him an "embarrassment."

Even though Noam Dar stood toe-to-toe with United States Champion Pete Dunne in a title bout several weeks ago, The Scottish Supernova was called an “embarrassment” by Zack Gibson and would now battle Liverpool’s No. 1 in NXT UK’s main event.

Though Dar appeared to be more interested in having fun and mocking Gibson by trying to take his opponent’s boot off in the early goings, he quickly changed gears and went to work on Gibson’s knee. It wasn’t long before Gibson also began to execute his painful game plan by beginning to zero in on Dar’s left arm.

Following a series of pin attempts by both competitors, Dar wasted no time going back to work on Gibson’s knee with a fierce kick. Then, Gibson dragged his left arm over the top rope like a slingshot before Dar fired back with a fierce kick to the legs that took his opponent off apron. And once the action moved outside the ring, Dar then flew at Gibson’s knee yet again.  

Back in the squared circle, Gibson’s Key Hook signaled the beginning of a fierce assault on Dar, and it wasn’t long before Gibson once again went back after the arm.  

As the resilient Dar rallied back, Gibson made him eat a kick for his troubles. Dar then returned the favor by kicking Gibson off the turnbuckle with another attack on his opponent’s leg before executing a running elbow and a Northern Lights Suplex for the near-fall. He continued on the warpath until Gibson stopped him with a double chop to the throat, paving the way for a devastating maneuver off the turnbuckle for the near-fall.

Minute by minute, the bout grew more intense, as Gibson tried to apply the Shankly Gates, only to have Dar reach the ropes before he could apply the deadly submission. Moments later, Dar pulled Gibson out of the ring, but he paid for it when Gibson hurled him into the nearby stage, and Dar just beat the 10-count.

Back in the ring, Gibson finally locked in Shankly Gates, but Dar reached the ropes. The defiant Dar refused to give in, fighting back with everything he had, and he eventually caught his foe in the kneebar. Gibson fired back, avoided Dar’s attempt at the double stomp and tattooed The Scottish Supernova with Helter Skelter for the victory.

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