Ligero def. Mike Hitchman

Ligero vs. Mike Hitchman: NXT UK, Oct. 24, 2018

Fueled with a mix of Lucha Libra and British Strong Style after 17 years in the business, the high-octane Ligero will go one-on-one against the completely unpredictable Wild Bore.

Armed with a mix of Lucha Libra, British Strong Style and his 17 years of experience, Ligero kicked off his match against the completely unpredictable Mike Hitchman with an absolutely explosive offense.

The tide changed quickly, however, as The Wild Bore charged full speed into his masked opponent in the corner and quickly worked to ground his prey. Ligero quickly went back on the charge, but Hitchman was not to be denied, and he fired back with a Senton, an inverted Tumbleweed in the corner and an earth-shattering Powerbomb.

Ligero refused to give in, though, and after taking out his opponent’s legs, he propelled himself off the ropes with a ring-rattling Tornado DDT to pick up the win.

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