NXT Level Up results: Nov. 4, 2022

Level Up

Ivy Nile def. Sol Ruca via Submission

Just call her “The Queen of NXT Level Up.”

Ivy Nile has run roughshod over her fellow Superstars across all brands, but she has been especially dominant on NXT Level Up, where she has compiled an unblemished record of 11-0 thanks to her submission win over Sol Ruca.

Ruca arguably pushed The Pitbull of Diamond Mine more than most of her previous opponents, taking advantage of her gymnastics background by launching herself into her opponent with a handspring clothesline to the throat. Nile, however, soon ensnared the airborne Ruca in the Diamond Chain Lock to force the tapout. 

Hank Walker def. Myles Borne

Hank Walker has come a long way from his humble beginnings inside the NXT Arena as a security guard, recently signing a contract to become an active competitor and picking up a hard-earned win over Javier Bernal.

Borne, who entered combat on a three-match winning streak with victories against Ikemen Jiro, Dante Chen and Guru Raaj and has been friends with Walker since middle school, staggered his opponent with a picture-perfect dropkick and a snap suplex for a long two-count.

With the NXT Universe chanting “Hank!” from the moment he stepped onto the stage and rarely relenting, a fired-up Walker shed his shirt mid-match and tattooed his friend with a running crossbody for the three-count.

Oro Mensah def. Xyon Quinn

If his first match on NXT Level Up is any indication, Oro Mensah might do well to consider becoming a regular on WWE’s newest brand.

Mensah received tremendous punishment from his opponent and self-described “X-Factor” Xyon Quinn, who nearly folded his opponent in half when he repeatedly drove him back-first into the apron when the fight spilled to ringside.

Quinn continued to target the lower back with several clubbing blows and a backbreaker, but Mensah struggled through the pain and narrowly kicked out of a neckbreaker and landed a bicycle kick and a match-clinching spinning roundhouse kick to the jaw.   

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