NXT Level Up results: March 31, 2023

Level Up

Valentina Feroz def. Lash Legend

Valentina Feroz basically did the impossible during her match against Lash Legend: She silenced the brazen Superstar and did so while outmaneuvering the intimidating Elektra Lopez, who helped herself to a spot at ringside early in the match.

Feroz endured tremendous punishment and ample trash talk from Legend, who greeted her with a vicious knee to the midsection and a scoop slam right at the opening bell.

But when Lopez attempted to attack Feroz at ringside, Feroz evaded her newfound rival and shoved her into the ring steps. Seconds later, Feroz dodged a kick from Legend and used a slick rollup to notch the three-count.

Nathan Frazer def. Javier Bernal

Javier Bernal may have thought he had a layup against the recently returned Nathan Frazer, but he was in for a rude awakening.

Frazer, who came up short while challenging Wes Lee for the NXT North American Championship in his first match in more than four months, rebounded with a convincing win against Big Body Javi and threw caution to the wind just like he did before he was injured.

Bernal nearly scored the win with a nasty DDT, but Frazer narrowly kicked out and later notched the victory by landing a jaw-dropping corkscrew moonsault.

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