NXT Level Up results: July 7, 2023

Level Up

Fallon Henley def. Tatum Paxley

Ever since severing her partnership with Ivy Nile, Tatum Paxley has been showing a newfound sinister side that certainly caught the attention of Fallon Henley, who looked at her opponent with suspicion while Paxley was frantically contorting her way to the ring.

Paxley flashed a wicked smile any time she took the upper hand and largely controlled the early goings while doling out strikes at a methodical pace.

Henley eventually escaped the clutches of her unsettling opponent, sent her face-first into the mat, and connected with a decisive shining wizard.

SCRYPTS def. Kale Dixon

Seemingly sporting a positive new mindset ever since Axiom removed his mask, SCRYPTS gleefully bounded to the ring and acknowledged the WWE Universe prior to his bout with Kale Dixon.

SCRYPTS kept the good times rolling after the bell, overwhelming his arrogant foe with a picture-perfect dropkick and launching himself onto Dixon from the ring apron.

Dixon literally clawed his way back into the match by pulling at SCRYPTS’ face, but SCRYPTS soon recovered and landed a top-rope summersault to earn the win.

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