NXT Level Up results: July 21, 2023

Level Up

Hank Walker & Tank Ledger def. Ikemen Jiro & Quincy Elliott

Fisticuffs vs. eccentricities.

That was the name of the game when the bruising tandem of Hank Walker and Tank Ledger clashed with the fun-loving duo of Ikemen Jiro and Quincy Elliott. 

Elliott and Jiro went to the mind games when the former busted out a cartwheel and blew a kiss to Walker and the latter made certain to brandish one of his signature flashy jackets shortly after tagging into the bout.

Undaunted and genuinely entertained by the antics of their foes, Walker and Ledger got back to basics, landing several clubbing haymakers and demolishing Elliott with the Flying Fridge to tee up Walker for the pin.

Dani Palmer def. Izzi Dame

You’d be forgiven for doubting that Izzi Dame was competing in her first-ever match when she faced off with Dani Palmer.

Standing nearly six-foot tall, sneering at the WWE Universe from the second she stepped through the curtain and mockingly yawning at Palmer before the bell, the former college volleyball star used her incredible strength to gain the early edge and soon caught her airborne opponent before planting her back-first into the canvas.

A staggered Palmer struck back by dodging the hard-charging Dame to send her crashing into the turnbuckles, then ascended the ropes and soared through the NXT Arena with a decisive crossbody to earn her second win in her last three singles matches.

Dante Chen def. Javier Bernal

Though Javier Bernal is trying to convince everyone that this is “The Summer of Javi,” he got off to a rough start against Dante Chen, who landed the first big blow when he executed a pair of rapid arm-drag takedowns in a battle between two NXT Level Up veterans.

Taking trash and perhaps being a bit lackadaisical at times, Bernal poked Chen in the eye behind the back of the official and landed a reverse DDT that netted a long two-count.

Seconds later, Chen bounced off the ropes and blasted Bernal with his nasty chest strike for the three-count.

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