NXT Level Up results: Jan. 13, 2023

Level Up

Von Wagner def. Oba Femi

Looking to continue his recent path of destruction under the direction of Mr. Stone, Von Wagner had the chance to pick on someone his own size when he clashed with intriguing newcomer Oba Femi.

Competing in his third match and searching for his first win, Femi electrified the NXT Arena when he shook the ring with an early shoulder block and effortlessly lifted Wagner over his head.

Wagner was at a rare size disadvantage, but that didn’t stop him from dodging his hard-charging opponent, connecting with a boot to the chin and sealing the win with an earth-shattering fireman’s carry takeover. After the bell, Mr. Stone took the chance to blast the downed Femi with several stomps.

Isla Dawn def. Jakara Jackson

In its brief history, NXT Level Up has never seen a competitor quite like the sinister Isla Dawn.

The Unholy Enchantress, who recently became embroiled in a nasty rivalry with Alba Fyre and was making her first appearance on WWE’s newest brand, clashed with the athletic Jakara Jackson. Dawn seemed to take a bizarre delight in methodically bashing Jackson face-first into the turnbuckles and stomping her into the canvas.

Jackson caught fire with some rapid-fire dropkicks and almost scored the win with a picture-perfect suplex, only for Dawn to respond by driving her opponent back-first into the canvas for the three-count.

Duke Hudson def. Damon Kemp

Despite some skepticism from his professor Andre Chase, Duke Hudson seems to be earning his stripes at Chase University.

Entering competition at 6-1 on NXT Level Up and backed by chants of “let’s go Duke” from the student section, Hudson received some encouragement from Chase and responded by fighting his way out of Damon Kemp’s submission hold and chucking him across the ring with an arm drag. 

Kemp regained control with a neckbreaker and nearly secured the three-count with a nasty German suplex, but Hudson “Duke’d up” after Kemp landed several right hands. Moments later, Hudson leveled Kemp with the Big Elbowski for the hard-earned win.

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