NXT Level Up results: Feb. 2, 2024

Level Up

Hank Walker & Tank Ledger def. Tyson Dupont & Tyriek Igwe

A rematch five months in the making saw the tough-as-nails tandem of Hank Walker and Tank Ledger trade haymakers with Tyson Dupont and Tyriek Igwe.

Though Walker and Ledger got the win in August, Dupont and Igwe stuck to an impressive game plan of isolating Walker, making timely tags and hitting several punishing tandem maneuvers. 

After Walker broke up what could have been a three-count, however, he received a tag and linked up with his partner to land the Collision Course on Igwe for the pinfall.

Blair Davenport def. Carlee Bright

Having repeatedly terrorized her peers with sneak attacks since arriving to NXT, Blair Davenport was predictably ruthless against rookie Carlee Bright, who was competing in just her second WWE match after an impressive showing in a loss to Jacy Jayne.

Stewing after Bright caught her with a couple of early rollups for two-counts and a headscissors takedown, Davenport lifted her opponent into the air and caught her with a nasty knee strike on the way down to take control of the fight.

“The Ray of Sunshine” and former cheerleader at the University of Minnesota once again struck back with a picture-perfect dropkick and a standing crossbody, but Davenport pulled her down by the hair, connected with a double stomp to the back from the middle rope and landed a vicious knee to the face for the three-count.

Brooks Jensen def. Dante Chen

Brooks Jensen has experienced his share of ups and downs early in his foray into singles competition, but he turned in arguably his most impressive effort against “The Gatekeeper of NXT” Dante Chen.

A seasoned veteran who likes testing the younger Superstars on NXT, Chen gave Jensen a pre-match hand slap but showed no mercy once the bell rang, especially when he took him down with a shoulder block from the middle rope and a boot to the face for a two-count.

Jensen somehow battled through the pain to earn a victory, catching Chen with a suplex followed by his devastating knee drop from the top rope.

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