NXT Level Up results: Feb. 10, 2023

Level Up

Tank Ledger def. Kale Dixon

Though Tank Ledger has proved popular with the NXT Universe since making his debut, his first victory has been elusive. Until tonight.

Taking on the arrogant Kale Dixon, who was competing in his second match after losing to Dante Chen in his debut, Ledger absorbed a deafening chop the chest and fired back with a clothesline and a thunderous slam.

Dixon got back on the attack by flinging his opponent face-first into the turnbuckle and dropping him with a neckbreaker, but Dixon secured a hard-fought victory with a standing splash and a running powerslam.

Lash Legend def. Dani Palmer

Lash Legend has repeatedly demonstrated that she doesn’t need a reason to talk trash, but after decisively defeating the upstart Dani Palmer, Legend seems likely to be crowing louder than ever.

The match was dominated by Legend, who struck with an early barrage of fists and a back suplex before taking total control with a leg drop across Palmer’s throat on the ring apron.

Showing no intimidation against her much taller opponent, Palmer struck back with an enzuigiri and a unique takedown, but Legend snatched Palmer out of midair and drove her face-first into the canvas for the three-count.

Axiom def. SCRYPTS

If you blinked during NXT Level Up’s main event clash between Axiom and SCRYPTS, there’s a good chance you missed something amazing.

With booming chants of “Axiom” echoing throughout the NXT Arena, the two aerialists took to the skies early and often, and SCRYPTS landed the first big blow by launching himself from the apron back into the ring and taking down his opponent with a savage boot to the chin.

Though staggered, Axiom got back on track with a beautiful crossbody from the top rope and earned the victory by kicking out of SCRYPTS’ moonsault and soon connecting with a running kick to the face.

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