NXT Level Up results: Dec. 22, 2023

Level Up

Axiom def. Damon Kemp

As expected, Damon Kemp did his best to keep the acrobatic Axiom grounded during their highly anticipated collision, and the mat technician succeeded for large portions of the match.

Kemp scored some early takedowns and struck his group’s pose in front of his downed opponent, then sent Axiom sailing over the top rope and crashing to the ringside floor.

Despite being on defense for much of the bout, Axiom got back on track by fighting fire with fire, catching Kemp in a submission hold. Though Kemp fought free, Axiom immediately followed with a nasty knee strike to the face and the Golden Ratio to earn the win.

Roxanne Perez def. Brinley Reece

Despite a heartbreaking and controversial loss to Kiana James in a Steel Cage Match at NXT Deadline, Roxanne Perez received a hero’s welcome from the WWE Universe as she bounded to the ring for her clash with rookie Brinley Reece.

Reece, who turned in a strong showing against Arianna Grace in the first round of the NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament, took control when she dodged her hard-charging opponent and sent her crashing back-first into the corner with a wicked clothesline.

Perez battled back with several stinging strikes, wiped out her opponent with a crossbody from the middle rope and sealed the victory with Pop Rocks before shaking Reece’s hand and raising her arm after the match.

Von Wagner def. Javier Bernal

It took about half a second for Javier Bernal to go from smug to uncertain prior to the main event of NXT Level Up.

After proclaiming that he would give everyone “some quality time with Big Body Javi” and promising to earn a win in NXT Level Up’s main event, Bernal saw his open challenge answered by the gargantuan Von Wagner, who, along with Mr. Stone, was sporting a Santa hat.

Bernal briefly got on the attack by ambushing Wagner from behind while he was interacting with the WWE Universe, but Wagner soon tore off his shirt and landed a back suplex and a double underhook suplex. Moments later, Wagner donned his Santa hat, hit a match-ending Wagnerbomb, and celebrated by passing holiday treats to the official and the WWE Universe.

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