NXT Level Up results: Dec. 1, 2023

Level Up

Von Wagner def. Luca Crusifino

Has Von Wagner conquered his demons and truly embraced a positive new outlook?

If his performance against Luca Crusifino is any indication, the answer is a resounding “yes.”

Having recovered from a heinous assault by Bron Breakker and bonded with Mr. Stone, Wagner calmly shook off a flurry of right hands and launched his opponent with a back suplex. Seconds later, Wagner connected with a decisive running powerbomb.

Elektra Lopez def. Brinley Reece

Flanked by 2023 NXT Brinley Reece Women’s Breakout Tournament winner Lola Vice, Elektra Lopez was all business for her bout with the energetic Brinley Reece, who bounded to the ring for her first appearance on NXT Level Up.

Reece, who was narrowly defeated by Arianna Grace in the first round of the tournament, caught Lopez by surprise when she cartwheeled out of danger and took her down with several armdrags. Reece even broke out a couple pushups while holding Lopez to the mat.

After narrowly kicking out of a TKO, Lopez got an assist from Vice, who pulled at her boot. Lopez capitalized by executing a chokeslam/powerbomb combination for the win.

Drew Gulak def. Tavion Heights

Seemingly growing more confident by the match, Tavion Heights received a raucous ovation from the NXT Arena faithful, who were equally as loud when booing Drew Gulak and his crew upon their entrance.

Gulak did his best to keep the former Olympian grounded, raining several vicious elbows to the back and uncharacteristically soaring from the top rope with a clothesline.

Heights had to deal with Gulak’s cohorts, clocking Myles Borne in the face before chucking Charlie Dempsey, but he turned right into a match-ending forearm strike to the jaw from Gulak.

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