NXT Level Up results: April 7, 2023

Level Up

Dante Chen def. Boa

Sporting intimidating black-and-white face paint and wearing a menacing scowl on his way to the ring, the deadly serious Boa was all business as he competed in his first match since January of last year.

Boa took the upper hand early in his bout against Dante Chen by quickly forcing him to the mat, but each Superstar was distracted by the mysterious Ava, who seemed to appear out of nowhere at ringside before soon making her way to the backstage area.

Boa looked well on his way to a victory in his comeback match when he blasted Chen with a kick to the chest and multiple knees to the midsection, but Chen fired back with a nasty pump kick and landed his devastating strike for the win.

Sol Ruca & Dani Palmer def. Lash Legend & Jakara Jackson

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more talkative tag team than Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson, and both Superstars weren’t shy when it came to trash-talking Legend and Jackson.

For sizeable portions of the match, they backed up their bluster, particularly when Jackson flattened Ruca with a vicious clothesline early in the bout.

Ruca and Palmer, however, teamed up for several impressive tandem moves, such as when Ruca acted as a springboard for Palmer, launching her by the bottom of her boot into the air and on top of Legend. And with all four Superstars brawling, Jackson hurled Palmer out of the ring only to be dropped by Ruca’s breathtaking and decisive Soul Snatcher.

Joe Gacy def. Oro Mensah

Having seemingly found the right balance his work life and his party life, Oro Mensah blitzed the eerie Joe Gacy right from the opening bell, quickly flinging him out of the ring with a modified headscissors takedown.

Still in a foul mood after he failed to gain control of Chase University at NXT Stand & Deliver, Gacy answered by knocking Mensah off the ring apron with a devastating knee to the face after his opponent was distracted by Ava.

Mensah seemed to be closing in on a win when he lined up Gacy for a springboard moonsault, but Gacy sidestepped the acrobatic Superstar and leveled him with a Handspring Lariat.

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