NXT Level Up results: March 10, 2023

NXT Level Up results: March 10, 2023

Indi Hartwell def. Jakara Jackson

Though she was competing in only her fourth match, Jakara Jackson showed the confidence and swagger of a seasoned veteran, even in the face of a pre-match thumbs down from Indi Hartwell and booming chants of “Indi Wrestling.”

The trash-talking Jackson stormed out of the starting blocks by overwhelming Hartwell with some vicious right hands and repeatedly slinging her into the turnbuckles.

Jackson came agonizingly close to earning her first win when she planted Hartwell with a delayed scoop slam, but her more experienced opponent struck back by landing a thunderous spinebuster to seal the win.

SCRYPTS def. Quincy Elliott

Right from the opening bell, the match pitting the mysterious SCRYPTS against the fun-loving Quincy Elliott made for an intriguing clash of personalities.

Psychological warfare was the name of the game in the early goings, as The SuperDiva busted a move to escape a hold and even appeared to attempt to plant a kiss on SCRYPTS, though SCRYPTS fired back with a thunderous right hand and connected with a crossbody.

After absorbing several right hands, SCRYPTS knocked Elliott backward and connected with a front somersault from the top rope before hooking both legs for the three-count.

Odyssey Jones def. Von Wagner 
The NXT Level Up main event featured a clash of the titans between two of the largest competitors in NXT. From the beginning, it was clear that Von Wagner and Mr. Stone were not on the same page as they traveled to the ring, hardly a good start heading into such a huge challenge.

In his highly anticipated return to NXT Level, Odyssey Jones won the opening exchange with a nasty shoulder block and an earth-shattering suplex. Yet, Wagner soon managed to gain control and ground the self-proclaimed "Future Favorite."

In the height of the back-and-forth showdown, Wagner made a crucial mistake when he opted not to listen to Mr. Stone and go for the cover. As a result, he got caught with a sweet side slam that gave Odyssey the victory.

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