Who will win the WWE Championship Triple Threat Match at No Way Out?

Daniel Bryan, Kane or CM Punk?

Who will win the WWE Championship Triple Threat Match at No Way Out?

WWE Champion CM Punk looks to defend his illustrious title against both Daniel Bryan and Kane in a Triple Threat Match at No Way Out. ( MATCH PREVIEW)

When the trio of the squared circle’s toughest and most talented clash in the ring, which will emerge with the greatest prize in WWE? Three different WWE.com editors explain why each of the respective Superstars will reign supreme. ( VOTE IN POLL)

Why Kane WILL win

Who will win the WWE Championship Triple Threat Match at No Way Out?

Triple Threat Matches are thrilling, action-packed battles where there never seems to be a dull moment. They're also dangerously unpredictable.

Danger just so happens to be home, sweet home for The Big Red Monster.

There arguably isn't a Superstar who is hungrier for the WWE Championship than Kane. It's been 14 long, excruciating years since the fearsome big man last held the title. That hunger was on full display when The Devil's Favorite Demon drove his No Way Out opponents into the mat with monstrous dueling chokeslams on Friday night's SmackDown.

For weeks, Punk and Bryan took turns playing mind games with Kane, pitting The Big Red Machine against each other as they furthered their heated rivalry. Both Superstars have been punished as of late for opening up Pandora's Box, and more destruction will be on the way this Sunday. It's highly probable that Punk and Bryan get too entangled in their grudge match while Kane lurks in the same ring, leaving the two-time World Champion to capitalize when his foes least expect it.

With a decisive advantage in size and strength, Kane has a wild card seemingly working in his favor, too. AJ has developed a soft spot for the fiery competitor, evidenced by the uncomfortably long kiss she planted on him during Monday's Raw SuperShow. It's quite possible that The Devil's Favorite Demon is fighting for the girl as well as the gold. Now that's a winning combination. ( VOTE FOR KANE)

Why Daniel Bryan WILL win

Who will win the WWE Championship Triple Threat Match at No Way Out?

At No Way Out, Daniel Bryan will walk into the explosive Triple Threat main event as one of two challengers for CM Punk’s WWE Championship. But when the dust settles on what promises to be a brutal and hard-fought battle of the titans, it will be Bryan who walks out with that illustrious title around his waist.

For the past year or so, CM Punk has claimed to be The Best in the World, but few remember that it was Bryan who first laid claim to that moniker, long before The Second City Saint ever made it a part of his mantra. On Sunday night at No Way Out, the “YES!” man will prove his superior status when he will overcome both Punk and the looming enigma that is Kane. After years of competing against each other in a variety of settings, Bryan and Punk might be evenly matched in the ring. However, Bryan has been on a mission since losing his World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXVIII, and the submission specialist is hungrier than ever to be at the top of WWE.

As for The Big Red Monster, Bryan has proven himself more than capable of dealing with giants. Throughout his career, and especially lately, the submission specialist has made his bones defeating monsters, as his World Heavyweight Championship reign saw him repeatedly overcome both The World’s Largest Athlete Big Show and The World’s Strongest Man Mark Henry.

Bryan’s technical abilities will allow him to go toe-to-toe with the champion, and his win-at-any-cost attitude will ensure that he’s able to bring The Devil’s Favorite Demon down. Once he does, the Superstar who lost the World Heavyweight Championship in 18 seconds will become the newly crowned WWE Champion.

In summation, will Daniel Bryan emerge victorious from No Way Out? Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes! ( VOTE FOR BRYAN)

Why WWE Champion CM Punk WILL win

Who will win the WWE Championship Triple Threat Match at No Way Out?

What do Alberto Del Rio, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Chris Jericho, Mark Henry, Kane and Daniel Bryan have in common? They’ve all tried – unsuccessfully – to end CM Punk’s reign.

The Best in the World has cleared every hurdle, defeated every contender and emerged from every dangerous, crowd-pleasing contest with flying colors. He has defended his title in an Elimination Chamber Match and a Chicago Street Fight. He’s defended it on Raw SuperShow, SmackDown and at the last six WWE pay-per-view events.

Adding an extra degree of difficulty to those many achievements is the fact that WWE is in the regrettable era of John Laurinaitis’ “People Power.” CM Punk has been tested and harassed at every turn by Big Johnny and his cronies. Yet, he still holds the most prestigious title in squared circle history. He’s still the best.

How could Bryan or Kane win the title when they’ve each had the opportunity and already come up short? The simple answer is: They can’t and they won’t.

Sure, the chaos of a Triple Threat Match and the contrasting threats of the submission specialist and The Big Red Monster are daunting obstacles — not to mention the unpredictable behavior of AJ — but Punk has been up for every challenge thus far.

Kane and Bryan can each say that they have a great chance at winning Sunday because they already came close to capturing the title from the champion. But close only counts in horseshoes and pipe bombs. And the WWE Universe may very well see CM Punk drop a big one Sunday at No Way Out. ( VOTE FOR CM PUNK)

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