What will Triple H say at No Way Out?

What will Triple H say at No Way Out?

For the first time since learning of Brock Lesnar’s lawsuit against WWE, COO Triple H will break his silence and publicly address a multitude of items – including his own future and the Lesnar litigation – at No Way Out on Sunday, June 17,  WWE’s Breaking News mobile alert service reported Wednesday.

The Game was last seen on the May 14 edition of Raw SuperShow, when Lesnar representative Paul Heyman and an attorney served him legal papers accusing WWE of breach of contract. According to Heyman, WWE owes his barrel-chested client “millions” of dollars. During that confrontation, a provoked Triple H grabbed Heyman by the mouth, prompting Lesnar’s fast-talking envoy to threaten even further legal action. ( WATCH | PHOTOS)

Although the WWE Universe will have to wait until No Way Out to find out exactly what’s on the COO’s mind, it is safe to assume that Triple H has not forgotten the very personal overtones of Lesnar’s chaotic departure from the WWE locker room. The Game is still healing from a broken left arm that Lesnar caused with a Kimura Lock in April. That parting shot marked Lesnar’s final appearance on WWE TV. ( WATCH | PHOTOS)

On the May 14 Raw, Triple H ominously told Heyman that Lesnar will get “everything he deserves.” Given the way that the lines between his business and personal affairs have been blurred, it seems unlikely that the WWE COO was referring to pure remuneration. Though Triple H has expressed in the past his desire to see Lesnar continue to compete in the WWE ring, he more recently dismissed Lesnar as arrogant, and he even admitted embarrassment over having jumped on the Lesnar bandwagon so quickly.

By the time he walks into East Rutherford, N.J.’s IZOD Center for No Way Out, however, Triple H will be months removed from the incident that saw his arm break, and he will have had weeks to contemplate a response to Lesnar’s lawsuit. Presumably, The Game will have also consulted with WWE’s high-power legal team. Is it possible that the attorneys, perhaps looking to avert a drawn-out courtroom battle, recommend that Triple H acquiesce to Lesnar’s demands in full?

Or, believing Lesnar to be a valuable commodity that’s worth the high risk, will The Game reconsider his previous stance and make a pitch for the only WWE, UFC and NCAA Heavyweight Champion in history to return again to the WWE fold? Despite the many glaring difficulties associated with trying to rein him in, the capricious Lesnar is an undeniable boon from a purely business perspective. And Triple H, in his capacity as COO, is always cognizant of WWE’s bottom line. Will he set aside his personal problems with Lesnar and reluctantly extend an olive branch?

On the other hand, The Game’s tenure in the WWE C-Suite has been pocked with examples of reactionary outbursts. Is there any reason to think he can separate his professional and personal agendas now, especially when the stakes are as high as these?

Furthermore, what can the WWE Universe expect from Triple H in terms of an update on his arm injury, and what will that prognosis mean for The Cerebral Assassin as a competitor? Even before Lesnar cinched in the destructive Kimura Lock in April, Triple H was assuredly recuperating from his incomparably physical “End of an Era” Hell in a Cell Match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVIII. On top of that, he had already reduced his in-ring dates this past year to concentrate on business matters. Might Triple H’s address at No Way Out turn out to be a swan song?

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