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Immediately after her man lost the United States Championship to Chris Benoit, Booker T's wife Sharmell sat down with Here is what she had to say: How do you feel about Theodore Long forcing Booker to compete tonight?

Sharmell: I think it's totally unfair. It's a conspiracy. Teddy Long should not have had Booker T wrestling in his condition. We showed Teddy the doctor's note. Booker was NOT cleared to wrestle, and I am calling for Teddy Long's resignation. After all the controversy surrounding the use of substitutes, do you believe that brings Booker's championship reign into question?

Sharmell: Absolutely not. No matter who Booker chose to substitute for him, there's no way they could have done a better job than Booker. Because after all, Booker is the best wrestler out there. So, any substitute is actually sub-par. What's next for you and Booker T now that he's no longer the United States Champion?

Sharmell: I always say that the sky is the limit. Booker T will continue to rehab, and when his injury is no longer a threat to him, I'm sure he will go on to greater heights. He will reclaim his gold.

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