Gregory Helms on WWE Instant Access

Immediately after his win at No Way Out, Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms sat down with Here is what he had to say: Do you believe you are being punished by Theodore Long by being put into this championship match against eight of the best cruiserweights?

Helms: Of course it's punishment. He's trying to hold me back. I'm not conceited; I'm convinced that I'm the greatest Cruiserweight Champion ever. And I proved it tonight by taking on the entire division. Can you be proud of the way you achieved victory tonight?

Helms: Yes. I broke no rules. It was a sudden-death match. The first person to score a pinfall is the victor, and I did that. I didn't pull no tights; there wasn't one infraction of the rules. It was a clean pinfall in the middle of the ring. You call yourself the greatest cruiserweight of all time ... who is the second greatest of all time?

Helms: As far as I'm concerned, everyone else is tied for last. I'm Number One, and everyone else is tied for last. That's it.

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