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Immediately after his win alongside mystery partner Tatanka, Matt Hardy sat down with Here is what he had to say: Why did you pick Tatanka out of all the possible Superstars?

Matt Hardy: Well, it was a matter of timing. I had the last week to pick a tag team partner to face MNM, and I figured that Tatanka has been training hard and is in great shape and I thought it would really throw MNM off because they weren't expecting it. What is it like to team with Tatanka?

Matt Hardy: Well, from our debut outing, it's great. Tatanka came in and showed a lot of heart, a lot of fire. And he also showed me the "I will not die" attitude. And that's definitely what I look for in a partner. Why did you turn down Melina's offer?

Matt Hardy: I think the reason I turned down the offer was because I still believe in being a good person and being true to myself. I know it's not always the coolest thing to be the good guy or to be the role model, but I still believe in doing the right thing. And I still have faith in the old saying that "good things happen to good people." It's tempting to take shortcuts, but if it's going to take a little longer to get somewhere by doing the right thing, that's fine. Because I believe in what my heart tells me, and I have an indestructible soul.

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