V for victory?

V for victory?

Practically barging his 500-pound physique into the Elimination Chase to No Mercy, Big Daddy V snatched No. 1 contendership from the hopeful hands of Tommy Dreamer on Tuesday night. Adding the ECW Original's dreams to a list of crushed Superstars, Big Daddy V now has an ECW Championship Match against CM Punk live on pay-per-view this Sunday.

Following his arguably controversial win in the Elimination Chase, Big Daddy's wrangler, Matt Striker, explained that V's title opportunity usurpation is simply a matter of strategy.

"All we did," Striker professed, "was procure the opportunity for my charge, Big Daddy V. As a great manager, I saw an opportunity and as an enlightened individual, I took advantage of it. That's what I do; I take advantage of opportunity. And that is what Big Daddy V did to the slovenly Thomas L. Dreamer."

Callously compressing the spirit from the Original's body using his potent paws, Big Daddy V looks to do the same to the Straightedge Superstar at No Mercy -- this time for a much more concrete goal in the ECW Title. According to the Extreme Educator, it doesn't require knowledge of rocket science (which Striker also claims to wield) to deduce the outcome of this Sunday's championship encounter.

"Let's look at his mathematical equation," he began. "CM Punk is 6 feet tall, maybe 205 pounds soaking wet…usually his hair is. By contrast, Big Daddy V is 6-foot-7 and weighs well more than 500 pounds. Now, mass times force equals…I'll leave that for you to look up."

One undeniable element that Striker alluded to is a matter of force. In fact, the resonating word in the locker room is that Big Daddy V may very well be the most dominant force in ECW history. Since his arrival in the Land of the Extreme, absolutely no Superstar has been able to stop the 500-pound beast known by a single fear-inducing letter. Will that 22nd letter of the alphabet soon become associated with victory?

"When factoring all those variables into the equation," Striker responded, "I think it will suffice to say that there is only one answer. I'm holding up the ‘V' sign, which come No Mercy will stand for victory."

Might the mammoth challenger to Punk's gold be too much for the Straightedge champion, as predicated by his argyle adorned associate? Will there be a new ECW Champion by next week on ECW on Sci Fi? Find out live this Sunday at 8/7 CT as No Mercy comes to you from the sold out Allstate Arena in Chicago.

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