The world's most dangerous (and desperate) man?

The world's most dangerous (and desperate) man?

CLEVELAND -- Randy Orton may be more desperate -- and dangerous -- than ever in the final days leading up to his Last Man Standing Match with WWE Champion John Cena at No Mercy.

Last week, Orton invited Cena to bring his father to Raw this Monday so that he could get a sneak preview of what would happen to his son at No Mercy. But what did he mean? Given the beating he gave Mr. Cena on Raw two weeks ago -- and the pleasure he took in making a handcuffed WWE Champion watch -- you'd think Orton would be satisfied with the point he's made. But the sadistic, amoral third-generation Superstar doesn't work that way.

Since Orton failed to defeat Cena for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam, he has become increasingly desperate and therefore, dangerous. He was incredulous and nearly on the verge of a breakdown when he didn't win the WWE Championship at SummerSlam and was initially denied a rematch. That's what drove him to target Mr. Cena to begin with on that fateful night in Boston, the day after SummerSlam:

Since I couldn't beat John Cena straightforward, then I would try to crush him from the inside out. I would make this battle personal for Cena and drive him so crazy that he'd lose focus and drop the WWE Championship to me at Unforgiven. (WATCH)

Orton's plan didn't exactly work, thanks to the disqualification of an uncontrollable Cena at Unforgiven. And now Orton must face The Champ in a Last Man Standing Match, where anything goes, and Cena has license to do absolutely anything he wants to destroy the Legend Killer and retain the WWE Championship.

On the surface, it would appear Orton's mind games have backfired. And perhaps in his mind, they have. He has twice failed to win the WWE Championship, and his task will be even more difficult at No Mercy. Orton may believe he is on the verge of his third strike and being out of the WWE Title picture altogether after No Mercy on Oct. 7.

However, Orton has shown that he's most dangerous when he believes he's backed into a corner. Just ask Mr. Cena. And Orton takes a bloodthirsty pleasure in proving a point. Anyone on the long list of WWE Legends and Superstars who have been injured by Orton will vouch for that. (WATCH)

The WWE Championship is the most important thing to Randy Orton; he sees it as his life, his destiny. John Cena and his dad should watch the Legend Killer very closely this Monday -- he is capable of absolutely anything. And no one in the Raw locker room may be safe. Don't miss what happens when Raw is live from Cleveland Monday night at 9/8 CT on USA Network.

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