Constructing a prison

Constructing a prison

CHICAGO -- A team of WWE crew members spent three days (and three tiresome nights) of their lives constructing what some of them have labeled the "the most diabolical and destructive" apparatus in sports-entertainment, the Punjabi Prison.

"We've logged some long hours to make sure the Punjabi Prison was done on time," said one sweaty WWE crew member, who was still pulling twine knots at noon on Sunday. "I've got rope burns on my hands from tying knots for three days straight. It sucks, but I guess it beats having my head slammed into the bamboo rods, like The Great Khali and Batista will do later tonight."

Another crew member didn't have any rope burns, but had close to a dozen cuts on his arms and hands from the tips of the bamboo. With dried blood on his hands and clothes, he commented that the competition of the Punjabi Prison could not come soon enough.

"This bamboo was shipped from India," he said. "And it came pre-sliced, meaning whoever cut this bamboo made sure the tips were cut at an angle that would make it easy to cut yourself open. I say this with every ounce of my being: I hope I never have to come in contact with this structure ever again -- and all I did was help build it."

With the outside cage towering at 20-feet above the ground and the inside cage standing at 16-feet above the ring, more than 1,500 feet of twine was required to bound the bamboo together tight enough so the rods could withstand Khali's 410-pound frame and Batista's 290 pounds. With a total of 700 pounds of pressure, everything had to be "triple checked" to ensure the sturdiness.

"Besides the cuts on my hands and arms, I had to climb up to the top of that 20-foot section to re-check all the knots. Not only did I require stitches in my hands from the damn bamboo, but it's also scary as hell up that high. I can't imagine having to climb up there while Batista was trying to rip me down or Khali's massive hand was trying to pummel me."

With the World Heavyweight Championship on the line, scaling 20-foot heights or worrying about getting "sliced up" by the bamboo isn't even a concern. Expect this Punjabi Prison Match to do exactly what it was designed to do -- mangle its participants.

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