Is The Animal intimidated?

Is The Animal intimidated?

No matter what Batista says or does, there's one question everyone wants the answer to: Is The Animal intimidated by the Punjabi Prison?

While the world will find out the true answer Sunday at No Mercy, there is case for speculation either way. After all, the Punjabi Prison is a chamber of horrors that looks like something out of the middle ages; a pair of bamboo cages, trap doors, razor sharp spikes, and only one way out. How could any mortal man -- even The Great Khali, for that matter -- not be a little leery of the imposing Indian structure?

On the other hand, Batista has shown himself to be fearless. When it seemed like no one wanted to step in the path of The Great Khali, The Animal not only stepped in, he took the Punjabi powerhouse down and ended his reign as World Heavyweight Champion.

This past week on SmackDown, Batista opened up to the reality of what he'll be locked up in at No Mercy.

"I've faced lots of opponents, been in lots of matches…but I've never been in a situation like this, a Punjabi Prison Match," the World Heavyweight Champion stoically admitted. "It's a 16-foot-high cage with four escape doors, and if you're lucky enough to get out of that, there's another 20-foot-high cage with razor sharp spikes on top. It sounds to me like a chamber of horrors."

That's exactly what the Punjabi Prison is. And while The Animal might know the nature of the beast, he's never been up against -- or inside, in the Punjabi Prison's case -- this beast. He does realize, however, the beast that will be trapped in there with him.

"On top of that, I'll be locked inside with a 7-foot-3, 420-pound killer with a bad attitude," The Animal continued. "Sounds like Khali has a bit of a home-field advantage, doesn't it?"

Well, yes, actually, it does. But will that hint of fear be in the front -- or even the back -- of Batista's mind this Sunday? Don't be so sure.

"It sounds like I'm facing the impossible," Batista yelled at the end of his Friday night speech, "but (Khali) has no idea what it's like being locked in a cage with an Animal!"

After WrestleMania 23, Batista went on a quest to regain the World Heavyweight Championship, no matter what the cost. He finally finished his quest just three weeks ago at Unforgiven, but could another quest be on the horizon?

Only Batista truly knows, and he isn't letting on.

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