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There is an undeniable excitement in the air both in and around the RBC Center. No Mercy is live from North Carolina State University, one of America's true wrestling hotbeds. The arena will be jam-packed tonight, as No Mercy has become the hottest ticket in all of Tobacco Road. WWE.com is on the scene as always, recording the sights and sounds of tonight's huge pay-per-view.

Among those sights are as always the great WWE fans. Hanging out on the loading dock, you can see an enormous gathering of WWE fanatics, all standing by for a glimpse of their favorite SmackDown Superstars. One of those Superstars, United States Champion Mr. Kennedy, arrived shortly after noon to a chorus of boos, and amazingly enough, a few admirers.

The cocky champion walked towards the fans, seemingly ready to embrace the very people who have cheered and jeered him to stardom. As he approached, the kids extended their hands and notebooks, ready to score their once-in-a-lifetime photograph or autograph. Kennedy walked up to the first child he could reach, grabbed the notebook, and threw it to the ground, saying "it's not worth it," and walked away. Needless to say, those fans will be anticipating Kennedy's encounter with Undertaker later tonight.

Shortly thereafter, Rey Mysterio was spotted getting out of a vehicle with Batista. Mysterio looked incredibly focused and he will need to be, because in just a few hours, he will face another excruciating test of his emotions when he faces former friend Chavo Guerrero.

Batista, on the other hand, was upbeat and looking strong as ever. In tonight's main event, The Animal will look to regain the World Heavyweight Championship which he has craved since he was forced to relinquish in several months ago. The former champ still has a score to settle with Finlay, who is also involved in tonight's Fatal Four Way.

There is one little interesting tidbit of information going through the hallways of the RBC Center. Today is the Miz' birthday. One usher ran up to the Miz, yelling "Hoo-Rah," and "Happy Birthday." Unfortunately for Miz, nobody else seems to care.

Vito was also spotted at the RBC Center this afternoon. The toughest man in a dress was actually wearing a skirt. One rigger described the skirt as "flattering", while another pointed out that he had "the perfect legs" for it. Vito was also sporting a new piece of jewelry, a diamond encrusted pendant which reads, "Vito."

And speaking of jewels, King Booker and Queen Sharmell have also arrived at the arena, or should we say Kingdom. There is no doubt that King Booker has a home-field advantage tonight, as the arena has assumed many qualities befitting of a King's palace.

On the arena floor, the commemorative No Mercy chairs have been set up. Each of those chairs carries the portrait of King Booker and Queen Sharmell standing atop a slayed dragon, perhaps foreshadowing what could happen later this evening if King Booker survives the Fatal Four Way.  

No SmackDown event would be complete without JBL. The happy New Yorker from Texas was joyously dancing around the locker room area, singing the praises of the Texas Longhorns, who knocked off their hated rivals and JR's favorite team, the Oklahoma Sooners.

On this day, however, aside from the WWE fans, nobody is more excited than the WWE crew. For the catering treat today has been a constant source of chatter. That treat is the do-it-yourself sno-cone kit, which has brought a smile to one particular WWE.com writer.

The pre-show fun and games will all come to an end in a matter of hours though. The action will begin tonight, and you can see it for yourself at 8 p.m. ET, as No Mercy comes to pay-per-view. 

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