Main Event

Batista vs. Eddie Guerrero for the World Heavyweight Championship

Eddie Guerrero had many opportunities to break the rules during his main-event match against World Heavyweight Champion Batista, but he never did.

The challenger was seen several times wrestling with his morals in the ring. On two separate occasions, Guerrero had an opportunity to smash Batista with a steel chair. Guerrero, however, opted not to go that route.

Intent on winning the World Heavyweight Championship legitimately, Guerrero landed an amazing Three Amigos on Batista. He then went to the top for a Frog Splash, but Batista was able to roll out of the way. Batista followed the missed Frog Splash with a Spinebuster, which finished off the challenger.

After the match, Guerrero extended his hand to the victorious Batista. The two then shook hands in the center of the ring. After the sign of respect, Batista turned to walk away. With Batista’s back to Guerrero, Eddie’s face showed a devious smile. The smile quickly went away when Batista turned around to look at Guerrero.

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