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JBL vs. Undertaker in a Last Ride Match for the WWE Championship

John Bradshaw Layfield marked his position alongside some of WWE's most elite Superstars when he defeated Undertaker in a Last Ride Match at No Mercy in 2004. The Deadman is one of the most accomplished Superstars to ever set foot inside of a WWE ring, and while Undertaker has defeated high profile Superstars like Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Bret Hart and The Rock, at that time, he had never defeated then-WWE Champion JBL.

SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long made the Last Ride Match to counter JBL's pledge that Undertaker would never get another championship rematch against him again. The format of the Last Ride Match was arguably tipped in the Deadman's favor, and set the stage for a brutal slugfest to occur. There were no countouts, no submissions, no pinfalls and no rules; the only way to win was to punish the opponent to the point where he could be dragged into a hearse that would cart him out of the arena.

Before the match, the Texan champion claimed he was "the hunter, and Undertaker was the hunted." That's a stark contrast to what happened leading up to No Mercy when the Deadman abducted Gangrel and Viscera -- two former members of Undertaker's Ministry -- and crucified them for being bought off by the champion.

In the match, the physicality took its toll on both participants. To gain control, JBL -- in a dazed stupor -- grabbed a steel chair and smashed Undertaker square in the face. He then began to push the Deadman towards the hearse.

By that time, Undertaker had recovered from the steel chair, but before he was able to capitalize and put himself in a spot to punish JBL and send him on his Last Ride, Heidenreich emerged from the locker room with an ether-like substance in hand. While the champion was down, Heidenreich poured the liquid on a cloth and smothered the Deadman with it and shoved him into the hearse.

But Undertaker wasn't giving up that easily. He busted out of the hearse and continued to fight, but with JBL recovered and a now two-on-one assault against him, the Deadman was unable to overcome the odds and JBL was victorious. He pushed Undertaker into the hearse, which pulled away for the Last Ride.

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