JBL returns to commentary at Night of Champions

JBL explains that he will be filling in for Jerry "The King" Lawler: WWE.com Exclusive - Night of Champions - September 16, 2012

JBL explains that he will keep Jerry Lawler's announce-seat warm in his absence.

As first revealed on Twitter by a recuperating Jerry “The King” Lawler ( @JerryLawler), John “Bradshaw” Layfield will join Michael Cole at the announce desk tonight at Night of Champions.

“Sorry I can’t be at Night of Champions tonight, but I understand JBL will be taking my place,” tweeted Lawler, who is recovering after suffering a heart attack on the Sept. 10 edition of Monday Night Raw. “I wish him the best of luck!” ( WATCH: LAWLER THANKS THE WWE UNIVERSE ON TOUT)

Layfield — who has prior experience serving as a SmackDown commentator — was quick to confirm on his own Twitter account ( @JCLayfield) that he will indeed join Cole in calling the action tonight in Boston, tweeting the following reply:

@jerrylawler @wwe share a birthday with King and wish my friend the best! I'll be keeping ur seat warm Jerry! Get well soon, love u King!

In a follow-up tweet, The Longhorn Loudmouth took a playful dig at his broadcast partner tonight:

Big question to @jerrylawler how did u put up with @michaelcole?

See how JBL “puts up” with Cole at ringside this evening by tuning in to Night of Champions at 8 ET/5 PT, only on pay-per-view. ( FULL COVERAGE)

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