Will Heyman be a factor at Night of Champions?

Will Heyman be a factor at Night of Champions?

As if WWE Champion CM Punk’s savage backstage attack on John Cena during the Sept. 3 edition of Raw wasn’t shocking enough, the WWE Universe soon learned that the driver of The Second City Saint’s car that night was none other than Paul Heyman. Surely, everyone assumed, either Punk or Heyman would be quick to provide some clarification on their potential new alliance — that they would explain how it might affect not only Punk’s ongoing quest for respect, but the WWE Champion’s anticipated title defense against John Cena at Night of Champions. After all, neither The Innovator of Extreme nor the acid-tongued master of “pipe bombs” have ever been known for keeping anything bottled up for long.

Yet, when an answer regarding Punk’s apparent partnership with Heyman seemed imminent during an impromptu interview with Matt Striker the following Monday night, the former “Voice of the Voiceless” was uncharacteristically tight-lipped. “I’m a Paul Heyman guy,” Punk affirmed. The usually outspoken Heyman, meanwhile, said nothing.

Punk’s brief statement that night called to attention comments made during The Straight Edge Superstar’s now-iconic “pipe bomb” tirade in June 2011, during which Punk laid into WWE officials and members of the WWE Universe while proclaiming his loyalty to the founder of the Original ECW — and a persistent thorn in the side of WWE management — Paul Heyman.  But what did exactly did Punk mean by calling himself “a Paul Heyman guy”? ( WATCH)

Well, before Punk debuted in WWE’s incarnation of ECW in 2006, the extreme anarchist was a vocal proponent of The Second City Saint, and arguably responsible for much of Punk’s early success as a WWE Superstar. Punk’s shout-out to Heyman that night in Las Vegas made reference to his longstanding ties to The Mad Scientist of Extreme, but save for a cryptic tweet that teased Heyman’s return to WWE television on May 7 of this year, Heyman and Punk’s paths did not converge publically in any significant way. As Brock Lesnar’s legal advisor, Heyman was busy guiding Lesnar on the beast’s dominating path toward a SummerSlam confrontation with Triple H, while Punk was turning back challenger after challenger in an attempt to prove himself as one of the most inexhaustible WWE Champions in history. ( HISTORY BETWEEN PUNK AND HEYMAN)

That all changed when Heyman just so happened to be the driver of CM Punk’s getaway car on Raw just two weeks before Night of Champions. Coincidences are indeed rare in the WWE Universe, and it’s entirely likely that Heyman and Punk have joined forces to ensure that The Second City Saint cements his legacy as “The Best in the World” at the prestigious event. If that’s the case, Cena’s chances at Night of Champions might have just gotten a whole lot slimmer. Or, perhaps Punk is just playing mind games with the WWE Universe. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time.

Will the calculating Heyman reveal the true nature of his association with CM Punk at Night of Champions? Moreover, will Heyman ensure that “his guy” stays WWE Champion?  Regardless of the mastermind’s true intentions, if history is any indication, John Cena would be wise to keep his head on a swivel this Sunday night in Boston. ( MATCH PREVIEW)

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