Paradise lost?

Paradise lost?

As a man who exudes the laidback style and peaceful vibe of reggae legend Bob Marley, fellow Jamaican Kofi Kingston appears as an island of tranquility in the turbulent waters of WWE.

Make no mistake, however, the United States Champion has no intention of allowing himself to be thrashed like a hammock in a hurricane at Night of Champions this Sunday when he defends his title in a Six Pack Challenge against Big Show, MVP, Carlito, Jack Swagger and The Miz.

"My most dangerous opponent is the shear nature of this match," Kingston confided to "All I know is that it will be a great match, and, as always, I'm up for the challenge."

He better be. To retain gold, Kingston must not only avoid a pinfall or submission, he must also ensure that none of the other five competitors land a pinfall of submission of their own.

"Everyone is a threat in this match," Kingston said. "Big Show is a 7-foot, 500-pound colossus, MVP is a superior athlete and brawling bruiser, Carlito is a crafty veteran you can't turn your back on, Jack Swagger is still a two-time All-American amateur wrestler, and The Miz, as annoying as he is, does know when to pick his spots."

Kingston, who captured his first title -- the Intercontinental Championship -- from Chris Jericho at last year's Night of Champions, realizes he's facing daunting odds, but he's not about to let a few clouds on the horizon rain on his parade.

"My mantra has always been, ‘Find a way,'" Kingston explained. "I found a way to defeat MVP to become champion, and I found a way to retain in both a Triple Threat Match and a Fatal Four Way Match. This time, my chances are what, about 17 percent? I guess I will just have to find a way to beat the odds again!"

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