Back in the saddle

Back in the saddle

At Vengeance: Night of Champions, every titleholder in WWE knew their opponent… except for WWE Tag Team Champions Deuce & Domino. So, imagine their surprise when their open challenge wasn't answered by two current WWE Superstars, but a pair of Hall of Famers instead.

Much to the delight of the sold-out crowd in Houston and the many WWE Legends in attendance, Hall of Famers Sgt. Slaughter and "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka came down the aisle of the Toyota Center to stake their claim to the WWE Tag Team Championship.

It was just two weeks ago that the legendary "Superfly" said on that he wanted to fly again, and he got his chance. While the Legends came up just short, a little assist from former World Tag Team Champions Tony Garea & Rick Martel kept the greasers from the Other Side of the Tracks from walking away unscathed.

Neither Snuka nor Slaughter has ever held tag team gold in WWE, and the pair had never teamed together before, but just being out there made the Sarge think twice about going for it again.

"It was quite an experience; I'm fired up from the match right now, and I keep saying to myself, 'maybe I should get back in there full time,' because I felt great out there," Slaughter told later during Vengeance. "But the in-ring action today is a lot different then when I was in my prime. These guys today are much bigger and stronger. I got the wind knocked out of me by Domino thanks to a nice elbow to the sternum; that makes you think twice."

Sarge also pondered whether Snuka had the same feelings, a thought "Superfly" chimed in on.

"Brother, it was a great pleasure to be out there with Sgt. Slaughter on this beautiful night, Vengeance; Night of Champions," the Legend from the Fiji Islands cooed. "When the 'Superfly' flies, it's the most beautiful thing in the world, brother."

As a former WWE Champion and U.S. Marines Drill Sergeant, Slaughter knows a tough customer when he sees one, and he was quick to give Deuce & Domino their due.

"Deuce & Domino are a good team. They know how to dish out punishment and take it, too, and they're never too far away from each other," Sarge admitted. "Of course, they're in better shape than Jimmy and I, but gosh, I'd love to get a rematch."

With that, Sarge was quick to remind everyone that if he and the "Superfly" were in their prime, Vengeance might have seen three title changes.

"Oh man, if we were in our prime, we'd be WWE Tag Team Champions right now," the Hall of Famer laughed. "I could have nailed one of them with the Slaughter Cannon and slapped the other in the Cobra Clutch. Then I'd tag the 'Superfly' in and let him come off the top rope with that Superfly Splash... it would have been all over."

As fellow Hall of Famer would say, Snuka & Slaughter didn't quite make it to the "pay winda" on Sunday, but they gave Deuce & Domino one hell of a clubberin'. At Vengeance, the boys from the ‘50s nearly lost their gold to a couple of guys in their 50s; wouldn't THAT have been a "crack in da mouth" ?

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