Fueling Vengeance: Night of Champions

Fueling Vengeance: Night of Champions

Vengeance: Night of Champions is this Sunday live on pay-per-view

When our fans tune into Vengeance: Night of Champions this Sunday night, not only will they witness some hard-hitting blows, but they'll hear one hard-hitting hit by Fuel. "Gone" is the official theme song for Vengeance: Night of Champions.

It's the first time the hard rock band has worked with WWE, and its guitarist, Carl Bell, is excited for the new partnership.

"I'm just glad it happened. It's cool. I think it's great," Bell told WWE.com. "I think it's just great exposure for us, as far as the song. I think it works well with wrestling and WWE."

Bell, who was raised in Tennessee, recalled watching Jerry "The King" Lawler wrestle in Memphis when he was growing up.

"So it's kind of funny -- after thinking about how long ago that was, when I was a kid watching, and now what it has become, I think it's a pretty amazing transformation," he said. "I think it's cool. I'll take the association with WWE, no problem!"

"Gone" is off the band's fourth album, Angels & Devils. The Epic Records release hits stores Aug. 7.

" ‘Gone' is just about somebody in your life who, after you've been with them for a while, you realize that this person kind of brings out the worst in you and you really don't like yourself when you're with this person, and you're glad they're gone. It's as simple as that," Bell explained.

He said the song fits perfectly for WWE's Vengeance: Night of Champions, which airs Sunday at 8 p.m., only on pay-per-view.

"You have a lot of competitions and situations in WWE where it's about putting someone out of your life or moving on from somebody. I think it correlates to a lot of the matches and a lot of the grudges everybody has in wrestling. I think it works well for that," Bell said.

The last time Fuel released a record of new material was in 2003 with Natural Selection. Since then, the band has undergone a few changes, namely to its lineup.

"We got some new members -- a new lead singer and a new drummer. It's kind of like turning over a new leaf for the band," Bell said. "It's been a while in the making. It took us a while to find our lead singer and try to get the group back on its feet after some personnel changes."

The band plans to go out on tour in support of Angels & Devils. Bell said he has high expectations for the new record.

"I think the record is better, in some ways, than any of the records we've ever done. So I think it's going to be interesting to watch to see what happens here," he said.

Ultimately, Bell said the band is happy to have partnered with WWE for this Vengeance: Night of Champions venture.

"I think the song has the attitude WWE and its fans have. I hope the fans hear the tune and it motivates them to look into the band," Bell said. "I hope it works for all of us -- for WWE and for Fuel. I hope it's a good marriage."

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