Beck arrives at Vengeance: Night of Champions

Beck arrives at Vengeance: Night of Champions

HOUSTON -- Although he's not the most physically intimidating person roaming the backstage area of the Toyota Center (Umaga would arguably take that honor), lead investigator Daniel Beck created quite the stir shortly after his arrival.

Certain Superstars were seen making an about-face when they saw Beck; others simply refused to make eye contact as they passed him by. During lunch at the arena's catering area, two disgruntled, main-event level Superstars discussed how inconsiderate it was for Beck to show up so close to show time.

"You'd think the guy would want to let the Superstars focus more on tonight's pay-per-view instead of worrying about whether they're someone who has just been named in the investigation," said the high-profile Superstar.

It's not as if Beck doesn't realize the negative perception he has with the WWE Superstars or the WWE employees. Citing popularity and politeness as the first two things thrown out the window when people believe they've become targets in investigations, he claimed isolation during cases is something that comes with the territory.

"I'm here to gather information," Beck stated frankly. "I'm not here to worry about how I'm perceived by the WWE talent. They're job is to wrestle; my job is to do research to find out who caused Mr. McMahon's limousine to explode and why they did it. If they've done nothing wrong, they shouldn't be worried about what I'm doing."

Beck also knows that when he's seen conversing with someone, onlookers view that person as the newest suspect.

"There is a major difference between a person of interest and a suspect," he said. "I'm not questioning anyone in particular, per se. If I seriously believe that someone has pertinent information regarding this case, I've been around long enough to know how to interrogate them -- and it's certainly not while other people are watching."

One rumor Beck would neither confirm nor deny was that he planned to make another announcement on Raw. Would it be as informative as the one he made on SmackDown Friday night, when he revealed that forensic evidence had confirmed "the presence of DNA from Mr. McMahon, limousine driver Thomas Pagliaro and one other well-known personality"?

So will the announcement reveal who the DNA belongs to?

"Again, who said that there would even be an announcement? If I have something to reveal about this case that the sports-entertainment fans and the public should know, trust me, I'll do it. For now, the Superstars of WWE need to concentrate on carrying on with their jobs so I can effectively do mine."

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