Savage champion?

Savage champion?

While WWE Champion John Cena gears up for battle with the undefeated Umaga at New Year's Revolution, many estimate that he's going into the match in the very unfamiliar role of underdog.

Since his debut on Raw last April, Umaga has plowed through every opponent that has dared take him on -- from monsters like Snitsky, Viscera, and most notably, Kane, to elite World Champions like "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

Jerry "The King" Lawler, Raw's color commentator for more than a decade, has been "awestruck" by the aptly named Samoan Bulldozer.

"To sit there at ringside and witness his physical strength… seeing him smash heads… I just don't see any way his opponents avoid getting a concussion," he said. "[A concussion] is one of the worst injuries a Superstar can obtain in sports-entertainment."

Lawler believes that for Cena to achieve victory and snap Umaga's lengthy undefeated streak, The Champ simply needs to stick with what has brought him to the dance so many times before.

The King's broadcast partner, Jim Ross, however, has a different bird's-eye view of the human carnage Umaga has left behind. J.R.'s perspective has forced WWE fans to wonder: does Cena truly know the dangers he faces when he goes face-to-face with the championship-hungry Samoan Bulldozer?

"John is going to have to wrestle more and break the big guy down," Ross observed. "Otherwise, will he be able to get the big guy in the position to apply his STFU or the FU? Umaga's a 400-pound athlete; he's so unorthodox and he has a high threshold of pain."

Good ol' J.R. also pointed out that with manager Armando Estrada in his corner, Umaga has a definite ace up his sleeve -- despite not wearing any sleeves.

"It only takes a moment to gain a fatal advantage in the match, and Estrada has proven he can provide that. All Umaga needs is three seconds to emerge victorious."

Although he refused to count The Champ out, Ross re-emphasized just how bad the odds are against him. 

"As long as Umaga is vertical, he's as dangerous as any WWE Superstar we've seen in years. So far, nobody has proven that he's capable of being beaten."

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