Original fire still burns for Rated-RKO

Original fire still burns for Rated-RKO

Despite all that has happened, the same mission that brought Edge and Randy Orton together still drives them: the elimination of D-Generation X.

In addition to defeating DX at Cyber Sunday, Rated-RKO has left them -- and even close friend of DX, Ric Flair -- lying in pools of their own blood in recent weeks. With the assaults by the young Superstars growing more destructive, Rated-RKO may be close to achieving their goal. They will have an opportunity to finish the job when they defend the World Tag Team Championship against DX this Sunday at New Year's Revolution.

The duo embarked on their mission three months ago when Edge confronted Orton with some painful footage during an episode of The Cutting Edge. The Rated-R Superstar forced the Legend Killer to relive his last night with Evolution -- the night The Game turned on his protégé after Orton won the World Heavyweight Championship.

"Triple H cost me many things," said Orton. "He almost cost me my career, my health and definitely the World Heavyweight Championship. The flashback really pissed me off, but Edge had a proposition for me and that was for us to team up and take on DX together since we both have the desire to see them done."

Orton went on to dissect DX and explained that while he thought they were funny back when he was in high school, he is not laughing this time around.

"You've got Triple H who's put on a few pounds," he said. "You've got Shawn who probably needs to take a few doses of Propecia, or at least get a few hair plugs. These guys are outdated. They're over the hill."

D-Generation X reunited while Orton was on a 60-day suspension for "unprofessional conduct." Orton watched from the sidelines in disgust.

"When I saw them running amuck, thinking they were still the young, hot, good looking guys that got all the girls, it sickened me," confessed Orton. "I thought to myself, ‘I'd love nothing more than to see these guys fall on their asses.' But I was lazy. It took Edge to bring it out of me, for me to realize what I needed to do."

Edge recruited Orton based on what Triple H cost him, but the Rated-R Superstar also has an issue with Shawn Michaels. Edge blames Michaels for costing him his third WWE Championship reign on two separate occasions. However, there are rumblings in the locker room that the Rated-R Superstar feels the DX reunion overshadowed what was poised to be the year of Edge.

"I think the only website that would say I was overshadowed is ours, go figure," scoffed Edge. "I think if you ask most WWE fans, they would say I was the Superstar of the year and that I was involved in the match of the year. The coolest t-shirt. The coolest you- name-it. It was my year."

Edge's impact ranked ninth in the recent WWE.com Best of 2006, whereas the return of DX ranked third. Still claiming to not feel overshadowed, an angry Edge went off on a tirade.

"DX reformed and beat the McMahons and the Spirit Squad… oh yeah, that's all they did, I forgot," he said. "I won two WWE Championships; I wrestled in a Hardcore Match at WrestleMania that stole the show, won the World Tag Team Championship for the twelfth time -- breaking my own record. I can go on and on and on about my accolades and what I've done this year. Everyone else pales in comparison."

Regarding the Best of 2006 ranking, Edge said, "WWE.com can put me at No. 9 all they want, but I also realize that there are powers that be that decide those."

Rated-RKO is feeling very confident going into Sunday's match. Both members cited the brutal beatings they unleashed on The Game, Michaels and Flair as evidence that they are close to achieving their mission to end DX.

"They've bled for us, they've sweated for us, they've experienced what we have together and that's the potential to destroy any Superstar on the roster," said Orton.

Edge agreed, "We defeated them at Cyber Sunday, they've never defeated us. We've left them and their good buddy Ric Flair lying in a pool of blood. I'm pretty sure we're up. It's pretty lopsided. It's not even fair really. It's as ugly as Triple H's nose."

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