Inside the steel

Inside the steel

The Steel Cage has been set up at Kemper Arena in Kansas City for New Year's Revolution tonight, and the Intercontinental Championship is up for grabs as Jeff Hardy takes on Johnny Nitro. caught up with former WWE Superstar Dean Malenko to get his thoughts on the ominous structure and what the match will hold for its' competitors.

"The door is a vital part in the Steel Cage Match for a couple of reasons, the first being that it represents freedom," Malenko said, "but it can also be used as a weapon."

According to Malenko, it can give an added advantage to one opponent.

"The door swings, so it can be used as a battering ram or you can wedge someone's head or any other part of their anatomy and squeeze the door down to damage your opponent."

But the door might not be the most lethal aspect of the fortress-like enclosure.

"Besides the obvious point that the chaining encloses the competitors, you can also use it as a weapon by throwing your opponent into the chain link."

But the steel chaining also allows for the tactician to display their skills, said Malenko.

 "You can also find that your opponent may get stuck between the ropes and the chaining, giving you a chance to unleash offense, and then you can climb over the top to the floor to get the victory."

However, the risks of going over the top of the cage, according to Malenko, are pretty clear.

"With four solid poles at the top of the cage, a Superstar can grip those, hang from the poles, or even fall to the outside or back to the canvas," he continued. "Two Superstars might find themselves jockeying for position at the top of the cage, and that could mean trouble for one or both of the competitors."

Malenko's advice for Jeff Hardy and Johnny Nitro is simple. "Know your surroundings and know that any part of the steel cage can be used as a weapon," he continued. "This match is painful and dangerous. Be careful."

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