Instant Access - Shelton Benjamin

WWE Instant Access with Shelton Benjamin

Immediately after his New Year's Revolution victory over Viscera, Shelton Benjamin sat down with Here is what he had to say:

Question: What's it been like having your momma by your side for the last week?

Shelton: Well you know, it's always good to have family with you. Being my mom, it kinda brought a piece of home to me.

Question: Do you feel that having her around will help you get you focused back in the ring?

Shelton: My mom has always had a way of motivating us, so with her around, focus will be the least of my worries.

Question: With your newfound attitude adjustment and with momma by your side, do you think you can win the Royal Rumble if entered?

Shelton: You know what, with my momma by my side, the Royal Rumble is the tip of the iceberg. Not only can I win the Royal Rumble, but I can main event WrestleMania, and become the next WWE legend. 

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