"The Masterpiece" aims for the gold

In his first year in WWE, Chris Masters has carved a quick path to the top. At New Year's Revolution, Masters has the biggest opportunity of his young career when he steps into the Elimination Chamber in pursuit of the WWE Championship. WWE.com caught up with "The Masterpiece" to get his thoughts on the Elimination Chamber. 


WWE.com: Have you seen any of the previous Elimination Chamber Matches, and have you used anything you've seen in planning your own strategy?
Masters: Of course I have, and I'm going to utilize that cage as much as I can and use the hard metal to my advantage. I also told Carlito that I'm going to send him through one of those glass doors, so he better watch out. 

WWE.com: How does it feel to be in such a high profile match so early in your career?
Masters: It's exciting, but I can't say it's a big surprise. I told everyone when I came to WWE that I'd be on a perpetual rise to the top, and here I am. I just don't want anyone to use that cage to mess up my handsome Masterpiece features.

WWE.com: Have you asked any advice from anyone who has been in the Chamber before?
Masters: No, I wouldn't bother with that. It's pretty self-explanatory. You get in the cage, use it as a weapon, and wear everyone down until you're the last man standing. I have played it on the new SmackDown vs. RAW game, and "The Masterpiece" wins every time. That might just be a testament to what you'll see at New Year's Revolution.

WWE.com: Do you have a preference as to when you want to enter the match? Masters: The later the better, man. It's a huge advantage to come in last. I'd rather let them kick each other's asses for a while, then come in and hit the Master Lock and dominate when they're tired.

WWE.com: Are you worried about risking permanent injury in the Chamber?
Masters: The Masterpiece is indestructible. Nothing can take me out.

WWE.com: Shawn Michaels and Kane have been in the match before…do you feel this puts you at any disadvantage?
Masters: I think HBK has been in every match possible in his career, so he'll have an overall experience advantage on everyone. Otherwise, I don't think that will be an advantage for them, because there's so many variables.

WWE.com: This is one of your first big chances at the WWE Championship. Do you feel that it's to your advantage or disadvantage that there are five other Superstars in the match?
Masters: No, I think this is my best opportunity, because it's elimination rules. If I come in late and people are worn down or there have been a lot of eliminations, it gives me a huge advantage. Everyone could be easy pickings by the time I get in there. 

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