Being in the Elimination Chamber? Now THAT'S cool!

For Carlito, the first time seems to be the charm. In his WWE debut in October 2004, he defeated John Cena on SmackDown to win the United States Championship, and in his RAW debut 8 months later, he won Intercontinental Championship from Shelton Benjamin. Will he continue the streak at New Year's Revolution and walk out of the Elimination Chamber as the WWE Champion? caught up with Carlito to get his thoughts on the Elimination Chamber. Have you seen any of the previous Elimination Chamber Matches?
Carlito: Yes. Carlito has a good idea on how they work, and come New Year's Revolution, Carlito will be ready. How does it feel to be in such a high profile match so early in your career?
Carlito: It's about time. Carlito should have been in the main event much sooner. In fact, every match Carlito is in should be high profile. Have you talked to anyone who has been in the Chamber to get any advice on how to handle it?
Carlito: No. Carlito's never been in the match, but doesn't need anyone's advice. So many people are jealous of Carlito that they would probably give him bad advice. Carlito would rather just rely on his instincts. Are you afraid of risking permanent injury inside the Chamber?
Carlito: There's no way for Carlito to get permanently injured. Carlito is too good for that. If anything, the other guys should be worried about Carlito injuring them. Do you have any preference on whether you'd rather enter the match early or late?
Carlito: It doesn't matter where Carlito enters, he will definitely be victorious. Carlito is better than the rest and can outlast them all.

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