Money in the Bank 2015 predictions

Money in the Bank 2015 predictions

Every year, Money in the Bank shapes the future of WWE. A handful of Superstars risk their careers in the hopes of scaling a ladder and obtaining a briefcase containing a guaranteed WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match contract they can use any time over the next year.

While the winner of that match will hold a great deal of power, the champion himself must risk life and limb against a lunatic in order to get his title back, only to have a new threat constantly looming over him.

Who will find success at Money in the Bank 2015? See who’s editorial staff chose, then leave your predictions in the comments below!

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John Cena vs. Kevin Owens

Money in the Bank 2015 predictions

@JoeyStyles: Many of you think that John Cena’s rivalry with Kevin Owens will follow the same path as his battles against Bray Wyatt and Rusev — Cena loses the first battle, but wins the war. I couldn’t possibly disagree more. Owens will beat John Cena again on Sunday and be 2-0 against the 15-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion. If Cena wants to try for 0-3, the choice will be his because Owens will be looking for another target. WINNER: Kevin Owens

@HowardFinkel: Two weeks ago, Kevin Owens did something that many of you thought would be an unfathomable task: He scored a pinfall on John Cena. And this Sunday, one of WWE’s all-time greats has a chance to gain a measure of retribution. Quite frankly, I’m not sure that he will. I feel that Owens continues to believe in himself and his abilities, and he has backed up all of his rhetoric as well. Cena will be ready like never before, but I look for Owens to attain a repeat performance, and make it 2 for 2 against the Unites States Champion. WINNER: Kevin Owens

Jeff Laboon: It’s rare that we see John Cena get manhandled, but Kevin Owens has done it three times now, including a win two weeks ago at Elimination Chamber. Cena has yet to get the best of the NXT Champion, so Owens continues to roll at Money in the Bank. WINNER: Kevin Owens

Matthew Artus: To paraphrase legendary football coach Vince Lombardi, it’s not in falling that we take our glory, but in rising when we fall. Watching U.S. Champion John Cena rise to the occasion at Money in the Bank will be inspiring to anyone not named Kevin Owens. WINNER: John Cena 

Bobby Melok: Kevin Owens’ landmark victory at WWE Elimination Chamber had the WWE Universe wondering if John Cena’s time was truly up. Though Cena has thwarted many attempts to end his reign on top, few of his rivals are as cold and calculating as the NXT Champion. Kevin Owens will prove he belongs on the main roster at Money in the Bank. WINNER: Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens: 4, John Cena: 1

Intercontinental Champion Ryback vs. Big Show

Money in the Bank 2015 predictions

@JoeyStyles: I was going to predict that WWE’s giant would win his second Intercontinental Championship until I saw how effortlessly he was Shell Shocked by Ryback on Raw. The Big Guy will Shell Shock his way to a successful defense of his first championship this Sunday. WINNER: Ryback

@HowardFinkel: So, The Big Guy’s first title defense is coming up this Sunday. I look at this match as an acid test for Ryback. Big Show has everything to gain and nothing to lose, and he will push the champion to the limit. But I don’t foresee Ryback as a “flash in the pan” champion, and he’ll retain his title after all is said and done. WINNER: Ryback

Jeff Laboon: Ryback with the Intercontinental Championship conjures memories of The Ultimate Warrior defending the same title two decades ago. He just needs to bring back colored straps. Big Show will leave Ryback bruised, but The Big Guy is too determined to lose the title already. WINNER: Ryback

Matthew Artus: The Intercontinental Title gained repute around the waist of technical masters like Bret Hart and Chris Jericho, but the championship has also belonged to strongmen like JBL and Big E. Ryback will cement his place in the latter group with a victory over Big Show. WINNER: Ryback

Bobby Melok: While Ryback’s positive attitude in the face of adversity has served him well to this point, it may not serve him well in the face of a ravenous giant. Big Show is out to prove himself after a short spell away from the ring. The World’s Largest Athlete will make sure Ryback goes unfed at Money in the Bank. WINNER: Big Show

Ryback: 4, Big Show: 1

R-Truth vs. King Barrett (Kickoff Match)

Money in the Bank 2015 predictions

@JoeyStyles: Let’s assume Truth knows that he’s in this match and isn’t confused as he was on Raw. The rapping Superstar has proven in the past that he can beat Barrett, and I see no reason that he won’t do so again on Sunday. Unfortunately, the match is not for Barrett’s crown, robe and scepter. I would enjoy watching King Truth the same way I enjoyed King Hacksaw Jim Duggan. WINNER: R-Truth

@HowardFinkel: Becoming the 2015 King of the Ring has put more pressure on Barrett to perform at a consistently high level, which thus far has been hitting a few bumps here and there. R-Truth will give his foe a substantial run for his money, but I believe the Bull Hammer Elbow will lead to King Barrett emerging victorious. WINNER: King Barrett

Jeff Laboon: Four years ago, King Barrett was a ladder rung and a Daniel Bryan kick away from winning Money in the Bank. He never forgot. Barrett will take out his frustration on R-Truth. WINNER: King Barrett

Matthew Artus:In many ways, R-Truth has already won this battle, as he’s successfully stayed under King Barrett’s skin over the past few weeks. Unfortunately for the rapping Superstar, Barrett still has the punishing Bull Hammer Elbow in his arsenal. WINNER: King Barrett

Bobby Melok: R-Truth’s opponents may try to discredit him because of his eccentric personality, but there’s no doubt that he’s no slouch in the ring. Truth may have forgotten that he wasn’t in Money in the Bank, but he won’t forget how to beat King Barrett. WINNER: R-Truth

King Barrett: 3, R-Truth: 2

Money in the Bank Contract Ladder Match

Money in the Bank 2015 predictions

@JoeyStyles: I’ve been saying this frequently in predictions; picking a winner in a seven-Superstar Ladder Match really is a guess. Still, based on his recent career trajectory, I’m guessing Roman Reigns will win the contract as karma for Seth Rollins cashing in his contract at WrestleMania on Reigns. WINNER: Roman Reigns

@HowardFinkel: This is one of my favorite matches. It’s a mixed bag of Superstar styles and strategies that will end with one competitor gaining possession of the vaunted briefcase and contract within. And I truly believe that fate will be in the corner of Sheamus. For some reason, I just feel that The Celtic Warrior, who looks great to me, will be primed to outlast the field and lay claim to the valuable piece of luggage at the top of the ladder. WINNER: Sheamus

Jeff Laboon: Kofi Kingston is one of the most athletic, acrobatic Superstars ever, but he’s never challenged for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship one-on-one in his eight-year career. Big E and Xavier Woods will do their part to fix that. WINNER: Kofi Kingston

Matthew Artus: Everybody loves a Cinderella story, which may make Roman Reigns or Neville a trendy pick. Yet, Kofi Kingston is one appearance shy for the most Money in the Bank Ladder Match entries without a victory. He won’t tie Christian’s record. WINNER: Kofi Kingston

Bobby Melok: Though he has been on the main roster for a few months, I expect Money in the Bank to be Neville’s coming out party. The New Sensation won the NXT Championship in a Ladder Match, so will surely be out to show why he’s called The Man That Gravity Forgot, and pick up a guaranteed WWE World Heavyweight Title Match along the way. WINNER: Neville

Kofi Kingston: 2, Roman Reigns: 1, Sheamus: 1, Neville: 1

WWE Tag Team Champions Big E & Xavier Woods vs. The Prime Time Players

Money in the Bank 2015 predictions

@JoeyStyles: The New Day are firing on all cylinders since the WWE Universe unanimously rejected their power of positivity attempts. Momentum is on the reigning champions’ side and that is the reason they will retain on Sunday.NewI Day Wins! WINNERS: The New Day

@HowardFinkel: I like the way that Darren Young & Titus O’Neil have become the No. 1 contenders for the titles. Since reuniting, The PTP have a new sense of urgency to get to the tag team promised land. And I believe that that as long as it’s Big E and Xavier Woods only (Kofi Kingston’s in the Ladder Match), The Prime Time Players will have a victory celebration of their own at the end of the night. WINNERS: The Prime Time Players

Jeff Laboon: Days before The Prime Time Players split in 2014, Titus O’Neil said in a “WWE Magazine” Q&A that they’ll continue to work hard and have faith in their abilities. After gloriously reuniting, the duo is stronger than ever. WINNERS: The Prime Time Players

Matthew Artus: The WWE Universe will have no choice but to clap for the reigning WWE Tag Team Champions if they leave Columbus, Ohio, with the WWE Tag Team Title and the Money in the Bank contract. They’ll do their part in the tandem title fight for sure. WINNERS: The New Day

Bobby Melok: The Prime Time Players look like a completely new team since getting back together in recent weeks. Though The New Day will surely do whatever it takes to retain the titles, it won’t stop Titus O’Neil & Darren Young from taking them. WINNERS: The Prime Time Players

The Prime Time Players: 3, The New Day 2

Divas Champion Nikki Bella vs. Paige

Money in the Bank 2015 predictions

@JoeyStyles: This is simple: If Paige doesn’t have someone in her corner to neutralize Brie and thwart Twin Magic, she will not regain the Divas Championship from Nikki Bella. That said, I am going out on a limb and predicting that the former NXT Women’s Champion will recruit a member of NXT’s Four Horsewomen — Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch or Bailey — to watch her back. With Brie a non-factor, Paige will once again net the butterfly. WINNER: Paige

@HowardFinkel: Many of us underestimated the durability and resiliency that Nikki Bella’s Divas Title reign has had. She sure made a believer out of me! Yet, I feel that Paige will have Nikki’s number on Sunday. Paige has been like a caged lioness, ready to be sprung loose to attack her prey. I look for the talented Brit to end Nikki’s reign, and in the process become a three-time Divas Champion. WINNER: Paige

Jeff Laboon: As great as Nikki Bella has been in the last year, all good things must eventually come to an end. Paige nearly dethroned the Divas Champion weeks ago, but she’ll have Twin Magic scouted this time. WINNER: Paige

Matthew Artus: Nikki Bella likely isn’t lacking for sources of motivation in the squared circle, yet overtaking Beth Phoenix for the third longest Divas Title reign ever must sound awfully enticing. Unfortunately, Paige is in position to make a little history of her own. WINNER: Paige

Bobby Melok: Paige seemingly has every advantage over Divas Champion Nikki Bella heading into Money in the Bank – an impressive pedigree, years of experience and a ruthless attitude. However, she doesn’t have a twin sister that can switch places with her when the going gets tough. WINNER: Nikki Bella

Paige: 4, Nikki Bella: 1

Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose (WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match)

Money in the Bank 2015 predictions

@JoeyStyles: Thanks to Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins’ former de facto bodyguard Kane, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion was humiliated on Raw when he lost to his own security team of Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury. It even seemed that The Authority left Rollins to fend for himself and prove that he is indeed the present and future of WWE. That said, there is no way that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are going to let their investment in Rollins devaluate and watch the uncontainable Ambrose control their company’s WWE World Heavyweight Championship. WINNER: Seth Rollins

@HowardFinkel: Can we please have no outside entities whatsoever appear at ringside on Sunday? If that holds, then I once again will go with The Lunatic Fringe to emerge victorious. To me, stamina and endurance will play a big part in this match, which gives the advantage to Ambrose. I look for “Mr. Perpetual Motion” to prevail by scaling the ladder and gaining the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. WINNER: Dean Ambrose

Jeff Laboon: How many aces can Seth Rollins realistically have up his sleeve? His gear doesn’t even have sleeves! Sadly for Dean Ambrose, The Architect likely has a least one more trick in mind. Ambrose will arrive with Rollins’ title, but he won’t leave with it. WINNER: Seth Rollins

Matthew Artus: When all eyes are on him, Seth Rollins tends to elevate his game and endanger the wellbeing of his opponents. Given how much he has been tormented lately by former Shield cohort Dean Ambrose, Rollins will be especially motivated to rise to the occasion. WINNER: Seth Rollins 

Bobby Melok: Dean Ambrose has proven that he has what it takes to carry the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and hang onto it by any means necessary. The chaos of a Ladder Match is perfect for The Lunatic Fringe to officially become the champion. WINNER: Dean Ambrose

Seth Rollins: 3, Dean Ambrose: 2

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