Miz moves to the beat of Monroe’s drum during Girl’s Day

Miz tries to get Monroe to her morning class after a night of partying: Miz & Mrs., April 30, 2019

With Maryse away, Miz frantically searches for baby wipes and tries to keep his daughter happy en route to an 11:30 a.m. kids' class.

Hilarity reigns on the latest episode of Miz. & Mrs. Excited to be at home for his first Cleveland Browns game in a while, The Miz acquires one of only 37 Cleveland Browns Victory Fridges and invites over friends Dolph Ziggler and Ryan Cabrera to watch the chains of victory fall and to party poolside after the win. The problem is that the next day is Girl’s Day, a special day set aside for Maryse to be off the clock in appreciation for all she does for her family – filled with fancy dining and spa time for her, Marjo and her friend Amanda. With Mommy away, it’s “Miz & Monroe Day” back at home and, sporting a huge headache after a very late night, The A-Lister is not at his best. He fails to get Monroe to her morning class on time and Ziggler and Cabrera make things worse.

Miz checks Ryan Cabrera into Monroe's room: Miz & Mrs., April 30, 2019

Nothing but the best accommodations when friend Ryan Cabrera comes to stay in Las Casa de Miz.

Not only is Miz late, but it turns out the activity is a music class, which served to intensify the epic pounding in his head. Ironically, Maryse is unable to relax at all during her time away, checking her phone obsessively as she worries about Miz and her daughter being left to their own devices. She even takes a nasty spill off a table at the spa when the cable company comes calling.

Nevertheless, the next day the Mizanins are back together and everything turns out A(List)-Okay. Don’t miss new episodes of Miz & Mrs., Tuesdays at 10/9 C on USA Network.

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