Maryse tests Miz’s Super-Dad skills

The Miz can't get a cell signal in Costco and ends up auto-drafting his fantasy team: Miz & Mrs., April 23, 2019

The further Miz goes into Costco, the less cell service he has, causing him to auto-draft his fantasy team with Monroe in tow.

Maryse is an expert online shopper. It’s easy for the new mom to have items delivered when she’s running a busy household with hectic schedules. On the flip side, The Miz thinks Maryse is just averse to the grocery store, and he spends too much time breaking down endless boxes from her online purchases when he could be drafting one of his many fantasy football teams in his limited free time on days off from being WWE’s A-List Superstar.

Just when Miz thinks he has a moment to himself to pick the perfect team, Maryse tasks him with running errands, with baby Monroe in tow. When he winds up auto-drafting his picks online from deep inside a Costco warehouse with no cell service, The Miz devises a foolproof plan for his next draft – he’ll make his selections from outside their gated property while he enlists paid errand-runners to deliver the baby goods Maryse needs. (Where does one find French baby bottom cream, anyway?!)

The plan is perfect until Maryse catches him, but instead of punishing her beloved, she books him a ticket to Cleveland to draft his fantasy football team in person with his hometown pals and dad, George. Her gift doesn’t go unnoticed, as Miz says thanks to his thoughtful wife by surprising her with designer boots he buys via online shopping, of course.

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