Austin puts out the A-List welcome mat

Austin puts out the A-List welcome mat

The Miz and Maryse have moved to Austin, Texas, and while some of their neighbors welcome them to the area, others aren’t thrilled with their behavior. The “It Couple” download a neighborhood watch app and learn that many on their street aren’t happy with their noise, or their “LA” attitude. 

After Maryse’s mom, Marjo, fails to pick up after the dogs in a neighbor’s yard, Maryse and Miz go on a late-night heist in their new golf cart to rectify the situation, but they’re caught on camera, leading the neighbors to put a call out on the app about their suspicious behavior. To make up for it, Miz and Maryse leave presents for their neighbors – autographed WWE action figures – to mixed reactions. Only a handful of the neighbors are happy with the gifts; others still think they’re “self-obsessed celebrities.” Sometimes it’s tough being A-Listers!

New episodes of Miz & Mrs. air Tuesdays at 10/9 C immediately following SmackDown LIVE on USA Network.

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