Tegan Nox squares off with Nicole Matthews in round two

Tegan Nox vs. Nicole Matthews

Nicole Matthews enjoys raining on parades, especially if it means moving closer to the Mae Young Classic Final, and she’ll get her next chance at a downpour against Tegan Nox in the Second Round.

A harsh veteran who makes no attempt to hide her bad attitude, Matthews is rough yet calculating, and as she proved against Isla Dawn in round one, she’s dangerously determined as well. The bright-eyed Nox, conversely, is a jolt of youthful exuberance. The Welsh sensation relies on a high-risk, high-energy offense that’s punctuated by the Shining Wizard knee strike, which Nox can hit from seemingly any angle.

Nox and Matthews’ outlooks and wrestling styles might be vastly different, but they share the same goal of making it to the Quarterfinals. Tonight, we’ll see who succeeds.

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