Lacey Lane def. Taynara Conti in a Second-Round Match

Lacey Lane vs. Taynara Conti - Second-Round Match: Mae Young Classic, Oct. 3, 2018

Lacey Lane looks to continue her Cinderella story against Taynara Conti. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Lacey Lane entered the Mae Young Classic as a dark horse, but following her Second-Round triumph against the vicious Taynara Conti, the cool and calculating Dudley Boyz protégé is beginning to look like a competitor to bet the house on.

Conti acted savagely, taking control by throwing Lane to the canvas by her hair. The illegal tactic earned a warning from the official, which caused the irascible Conti to get in the referee’s face. When Conti pulled Lane’s hair again moments later, Lane fought fire with fire, tugging Conti’s blond locks to gain the upper hand. Conti fought back and muscled Lane into position for her Tayogoshi side slam, but Lane deftly reversed it into the Crucifix Bomb and pinned Conti’s shoulders to the mat. Lane’s Cinderella story continues to round three.

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