One-Woman Minnesota Wrecking Crew meets Lady Godzilla

Rachel Evers vs. Hiroyo Matsumoto

Expect extreme physicality when returning Mae Young Classic competitor Rachel Evers goes toe-to-toe with “Lady Godzilla” Hiroyo Matsumoto in the First Round.

Conceding that she was too doe-eyed and passive in last year’s tournament, Evers vows to be laser-focused this time around. A powerlifting champion who regularly tours the rigorous Japanese circuit, The One-Woman Minnesota Wrecking Crew (who happens to be the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Paul Ellering) doesn’t shy away from delivering or receiving big hits.

That’s good news considering her opponent is the wildly energetic and supremely dangerous Matsumoto. Don’t let Matsumoto’s fun-loving demeanor fool you. Lady Godzilla might smile a lot when she’s in the ring, but it’s only because she’s doing what she loves most: destroying opponents (preferably by way of her signature move, the head-crumbling Rock Drop).

Which heavy hitter will score the W and move on to round two?

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