Lacey Lane def. Vanessa Kraven in a First-Round Match

Lacey Lane vs. Vanessa Kraven - First-Round Match: Mae Young Classic, Sept. 5, 2018

It's David vs. Goliath as 5-foot-2 Lacey Lane tries to take down the 6-foot-2 Vanessa Kraven. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

No one in Full Sail Live was more cognizant of Lacey Lane’s severe size and experience disadvantage against 6-foot-2 ring veteran Vanessa Kraven than Lane herself. Fortunately, the high-flying Lane planned accordingly and executed her strategy to near perfection.

Lane (who hails from Winter Park, Fla., and was a clear hometown favorite) evaded The Mountain’s long reach in the early goings, employing a stick-and-move game plan. She ran into trouble after Kraven caught the diving Lane and slammed her face-first onto the ring apron. Kraven then hung Lane upside down on the ropes and endeavored to chop Lane’s chest into hamburger meat.

Back inside the ring, the Canadian powerhouse crushed Lane with a cannonball in the corner and stretched Lane’s spine with an over-the-shoulder backbreaker. The Mountain’s second attempt at a cannonball missed the mark, however, opening the door for Lane to plant Kraven’s shoulders into the mat with an explosive Crucifix Bomb to score a stunning three-count.

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