Mia Yim def. Sarah Logan in a First-Round Match

Sarah Logan vs. Mia Yim - First-Round Match: Mae Young Classic, Aug. 28, 2017

Backwoods brawler Sarah Logan and master striker Mia Yim throw down in a thrilling main event. Video courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

Expectations ran high as Mia Yim and Sarah Logan, two of the Classic’s most lauded competitors, clashed in the main event, and the battle did not disappoint. Logan, the scary strong, Kentucky-tough disciple of Taka Michinoku, went blow for blow with Yim, the world-traveled Taekwondo specialist representing South Korea.

Full-force suplexes, ferocious kicks, headbutts and chops flew both ways. Logan looked to seal the victory when she screamed “Off with your head” and launched into a handspring knee attack. Yim dodged the move, threatened like retaliation, and nearly took off Logan’s head with Eat Defeat to win the thrilling match. Yim now moves on to face Shayna Baszler in the next round.

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