‘WWE Legends’ House’ Season 1, Episode 8 recap: Back in Piper's Pit

‘WWE Legends’ House’ Season 1, Episode 8 recap: Back in Piper's Pit

As the old adage goes, we only roast the ones we love. And at the conclusion of this week’s episode of “Legends’ House,” it was clear these old-timers have a tremendous amount of fondness for one another.

After a brief leave from the House, Roddy Piper returned to hugs from his housemates, but was quickly informed by Ashley that he was about to be punished for his recent absence. Hot Rod would be the guest of honor at a roast. To help the boys with their joke writing, Roastmaster Guy Torry and comedians Dan Ahdoot and Ben Gleib paid the Legends a visit.

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Many of the Legends had trouble scripting biting commentary about their friends, but they all donned their formal wear for the evening’s event. At the show, none other than WWE Hall of Famer The Iron Sheik made a special surprise appearance. As the roast got underway, some roasters were real cut-ups while others bombed, but all had a wonderful time, especially Piper.

Back at the house, the guest of honor thanked his friends for not cutting too deep or taking cheap shots. However, at dinner, things got personal. After Patterson revealed his real name to be Pierre Clermont, he claimed he struggled to always maintain his sports-entertainment persona. He, Tony Atlas, Duggan and Piper all admit they’ve been walking on egg shells.

Photos of the roast and the emotional dinner |  Exclusive video highlights

When Howard denied walking on egg shells himself, The Fink was confronted by the table. Piper, in particular, aired some of the frustrations he had. In contrast, Patterson stuck up for Howard, explaining he’s more than just an announcer, and that he worked hard in the WWE office for years. Ultimately, Roddy and Fink shared a hug showing they do care about each other.

But the most emotional moments were yet to come. With tears running down his face, Patterson began to open his heart to his housemates. Later, Jimmy Hart broke down when discussing his daughter’s death with Tony Atlas. These Legends have all bonded over the past two months;with the finale looming, how will they part from one another?

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